Metals Chemicals Maastricht BV (MCM) is primarily engaged in the collection, storage and processing of oxidic residues containing mainly zinc and the transport thereof to the end-user. These residues are used as secondary raw materials (recycling) for the production of zinc metal, zinc oxide and other zinc containing raw materials and semi-finished products.


Metals Chemicals Maastricht was founded by Ludi Berkhof in 1993. He gained many years of experience in the zinc and non-ferrous metal business at Zinkwit in Eysden (the Netherlands) and Union Minière (now trading under the name of Umicore) in Brussels (Belgium). Currently he leads Metals Chemicals Maastricht together with his partner Ruud Stessen, also with a background in the zinc industry.


Benelux Metals BV is a 100% subsidiary of MCM, trades in scrap metals like aluminum, zinc, lead and residues like dross.


In 2007, a partnership was set up with a branch related European industrial group.